Be Protected


Bringing Erik the penguin to life for Be Protected.

As well as producing our own commercials, we like to help out our friends too. That’s what happened when Beautiful Minds asked us to collaborate on the debut TV ad for insurance comparison website Be Protected.


Beautiful Minds developed the concept, a mix of live action and animation – starring Erik, a 3D-rendered penguin character. It was our job to bring their idea to life. We sourced the cast, filmed and directed the live action, commissioned the penguin render, as well as sourced and recorded the voice over. Then edited all the elements together in-house.

The biggest consideration during filming was how would the actor interact with an animated character that wasn’t there? Safe to say, through our direction, he nailed it. Reacting as if Erik was on the park bench with him.

The ad first aired mid-June on Sky and Channel 4.

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